A little about me

Let me share a little about myself,

My name is Phoebe Bruce, I’m 33 years old, and I live in a little township called Tingoora, in rural QLD.

I have tried my hand at many ‘profession-type-roles’ over the course of my life; I have been a registered nurse, a youth worker, teacher aide, and disability support worker to name a few. I am currently studying to be a teacher, in early childhood and primary education. Truthfully, I still often feel like a child who would like very much for a “grown-up” to tell me what to do and how to be a ‘proper’ and acceptable person in the  world. Basically I still feel as though I have a lot of growing up to do! It’s just that I’ve spent a long time not really knowing what that meant, or what it would involve.

I enjoy making art, working a crochet hook, and generally using my hands. I play the piano. I love the feeling of connection I often have when I am in nature, and I enjoy playing with plants and pieces of wood.

These are some things I feel to be true.

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There is more to tell, and in the telling my goal is to be real and honest. I say this, because I have been a girl of many masks for much of my life. I have worked so hard at perfecting an image of myself to portray to the world; I have cut and polished, sanded back, refined and embellished. I have dyed, slimmed and concealed. I have lied, avoided, pretended and harmed; all in the name of holding onto my facade – this idea of myself and who I think I should be. I’ve been told that our facade is first created when we are really little babies, being taught what is and is not acceptable by our environment. I have then made the choice as an adult to hold onto, and add to, this false version/s of myself. And I have had many!

I have become a master of disguise; so good in fact, that I am having a hard time accepting the truth that there is actually something else under all this facade, someone who is maybe even kinda cool and worth knowing. From what I’ve heard, that’s the real me in there; the one that was created perfect by God.


So, about 6 years ago I was introduced to the teachings of AJ Miller and Mary Luck, who claim to be Jesus and Mary Magdalene of the bible. It sounds out there, I know. The teachings they are presenting have what I believe to be the potential for the most profound effect in altering one’s life and the world around us on a serious mega-scale if engaged sincerely. I would love to be able to say I have embraced what I have learnt with my whole heart and have changed immensely as a result, but I cannot. I have taken many “side-ways” steps in the name of change, I have had tantrums, I have festered and wallowed and been generally miserable and self-involved for much of that time – and this was my choice. But you see I have started to realise something relatively recently. It‘s a realisation that feels to me like a fledgling bird, in need still of the safety of its nest, not yet confident in the function of its wings…

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I realised this:

This path is actually about God. Coming to know and be known by God, my Loving Creator and parent. And God is good.

I had missed this most crucial part of what i was hearing through the Divine Truth teachings! I had skipped around it, crawled under it, cut and pasted over it.

Growing up I didn’t have a strong feeling about God; my mum converted to Catholicism and had me attend a Catholic school when I was 8 for three years. I don’t remember learning anything about God except some cool songs which have stayed with me for years. I suppose I became an agnostic of sorts, more aligned with New Age ideas of God as an energy source, and as already being a part of each and every person and living thing. I guess I found the concept of God as a Being I could have a personal relationship with a bit cringe-worthy and religious-sounding. Even once I started to feel this to be the Truth, I have shied away from sharing what I have discovered. I have been way too invested in what people think about me, and God just has not been on top of the cool-list or social conversation starters!

But I’m starting to feel that God is actually pretty cool…

I’m beginning now to get a sense that She knows me better than anyone, and wants to share with me what She knows. God wants me to discover my true personality, passions and desires. God wants to help me heal my hurts, and assist me in undoing some of the damage I have done to myself and others. That’s a pretty awesome parent, one who’s attributes are distinctly different to those of my, and most other’s, parent’s on earth.

I want to thank the teachers of Divine Truth for all the amazing information they have shared, and the way towards living a life that is loving, fulfilling, passionate, and sincere. It is a really cool gift to be able to see examples of people living what they teach. I don’t yet fully understand the opportunity I (and everyone else) have been given through the information that has been presented by these two, I only know that my heart is so very drawn to what I hear.

If you would like to check out some of their material for yourself, head on over to my “About the Divine Love Path” page, and here are some useful links:

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