Welcome to my blog, which I am hoping will be a space where I can share some personal experiences, experiments, ponderings and discoveries I have made about God and God’s universe, through the teachings of Divine Truth, which you can find out more about¬†here.

I still consider myself a complete novice when it comes to understanding, in my soul, many of the awe-inspiring truths I have been lucky¬†to hear via AJ Miller and Mary Luck – also known as Jesus and Mary Magdalene – since they have returned to earth to continue teaching what was begun over 2000 years ago. Despite the many obstacles – self-induced – that I have encountered and continue to encounter along the way, I feel so strongly that what is being taught by this couple is God’s Truth, the ultimate truth of the universe available to all God’s children (every single human soul!), that I want to begin to share things I’m learning with the hope it may assist others at some point.

As I mentioned, I’m still totally learning… and experimenting… and resisting… and making mistakes, and so it’s quite possible that personal discoveries I may describe in this blog that I have felt to be true will have to be corrected at a later point as I grow my soul more in harmony with what God’s Truth is on the matter.


I don’t know a lot about love – real, true love; my perceptions, beliefs, attitudes and many of my desires have been and are still based upon false or erroneous ideas of love I have imbibed and created over the course of my life. From what I have heard, God’s Truth – the way God feels about any single topic you can ever imagine – is THE most loving possible truth on that matter. It is the gold standard of love! So… when you’ve spent your life having not much clue about this type of love, as I’ve heard most of humanity have, you can imagine it’s quite the process coming to undo the damage and be re-educated.

I hope to also use this space to share bits and pieces of myself related to my desires; I am currently studying to be a teacher, and also love discovering nature, creating art and playing music. I am interested in how these desires will grow and change as I learn more from God; both as I discover more about my unique soul God created, and also as I learn more about how God feels about topics such as education on the planet.

Thanks for stopping by!